Launchpad Institute

Joe Schlosser & Ben Cheek

The Fresco Course

We believe God has a calling and a purpose for every individual, man, woman and child. The Fresco Course will bring clarity to your passion & purpose to create what you have always dreamed of doing.

Joe Schlosser

Creating Your First Info Product

Follow a proven info product system for generating real sales online from anywhere you have an internet connection! Learn how to create an info product and sell it to the world.

15 Videos

Joe Schlosser

Your First Sales Funnel

Everything You Need To Set Up Your Online Sales Funnel. Video walks you through the entire process of setting up opt-in forms, landing pages, and more! Could not be simpler to get your first sales funnel created and selling your new product

Joe Schlosser

The Pursuit of Freedom

With The Pursuit of Freedom, you understand your WHY, package your product, promote your product, and prosper with purpose. This course is all about how to get paid for your wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

Joe Schlosser

Print On Demand Playbook

Learn how to take what you know and turn it into a physical product such as a book or DVD.

16 Videos

Joe Schlosser

Your Best Year Ever Planning Playbook

This playbook walks you through how to set up and plan for your best year ever.