The following are testimonies from some of our students

"I took one of your courses a while back and just wanted to thank you for that class. In December I finally started a blog. And I finally got my book started and it's half done now. Your course made a difference for me."   

Muriel Rae, Author

"Joe has a desire to share the wisdom and knowledge he has gleaned from experience so that others may prosper and succeed.  His marketing skills have been fully developed, he stays on the cutting edge and his ventures are solution oriented.  Joe’s uplifting and focused personality make him a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him as a creative force of inspiration and problem-solving." 

Nancy Tawes, Photographer

I found the Fresco step-by-step lessons to achieving what God has gifted you to do helpful. God gives amazing gifts but too often they go underused because people don’t go through God’s plan to make them shine. Gifts need to be developed to be used to their maximum potential and the Fresco course helps you work through this.

David Outten, David Outten Productions